A Journey to Code & Sequence: Training Session

A Journey to Code & Sequence: Training Session

01 Aug 10:00 - 02 Aug 13:00 - Gopalganj
Academy of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

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A Journey to Code & Sequence: Training Session
The genetic code is the set of rules by which information encoded within genetic material (DNA or mRNA sequences) is translated into proteins by living cells. Translation is accomplished by the ribosome, which links amino acids in an order specified by mRNA, using transfer RNA (tRNA) molecules to carry amino acids and to read the mRNA three nucleotides at a time. The genetic code is highly similar among all organisms and can be expressed in a simple table with 64 entries.

We will train you on BioMics Tools. This will be 3 days training programme and days will be flexible and at this time this will be at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science & Technology University.

You should need
Basic Knowledge in Biology & Chemistry
Basic Knowledge of Mathematics & Statistics
Basic Knowledge of Computer Operating.

Course in Brief:

A Tale of Codon to Protein
A brief history of Biological Database and its storage
Uses of Programming in Biology
Biology Meets with Programming
Basic Programming C & C++
Hands on Practices
Database searching and retrieval of sequence
Conserved domain search
Multiple sequence alignment using ClustalW

Phylogenetic tree construction
Phylogenetic tree construction using MABL
Retrieving sequence from Protein data bank
Homology Protein Modeling
**Project Showcasing on
Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic DNA
mRNA &
Pri, Sec, & Tert. Structure of Protein & Sequences Astreo

Date: Notify Later
Time: Notify Later
Venue: Room No. 206, Dept. of BMB, Academic Building,
Seat Limit: Approximate 30

Anyone who is interested can apply
Participant should bring his/her laptop
Registration Fee: 200 BDT
Application Link: goo.gl/GSYbK3

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