1st National Green Carnival 2018

1st National Green Carnival 2018

09 Aug 13:00 - 11 Aug 16:00 - Dhaka
Motijheel Government Boys' High School


In an age when science is catalyzing revolutionary breakthroughs almost every day -- starting from artificial intelligence to treating epidemic diseases and to making information freely accessible in your very own pockets via smartphones -- the call to environmental science could not have been more pronounced! The environment is at stake. Which is why we bring to you MGBHSGEC's latest event: "1st National Green Carnival 2018". So book the 10th Of May to 12th Of May on your calendars, for we will be indulging your inner craving for adventure and environment across a plethora of fun and enriching activities.We promise you an amazing experience of an adventure consisting the environment,science and what not! Surely, We wont disappoint.
First lets come to basic rules expected to be followed all as an individual participant of the event.

So here goes the rules and bindings of the events and our festival.

1) We will be strictly handling any case of equity violation. Any form insult done by any participant to other competitors, organizers, visitors in terms of race, class, creed etc will be instantly be taken to action if found with proof.

2) Participants are encouraged to maintain propriety and discipline.

3) We highly recommend being punctual we believe that will be beneficial for us as well as for the participants as well.No extra time will be given to any participants.They must to everything in the time span given by us.

4) Participants should have proper identification of their institution

These are fews rules that we want all to follows irrespective of the event you participate in.

We have got two categories for our events
They are
1) Category “Junior” ( class 8-10)
2) Category “Senior” ( class 11-12)

We have 8 events for our dear participants they are – ( in no particular order)-
1.Turn the coat:-
a) Category “Junior” ( class 8-10)
b) Category “Senior” ( class 11-12)

2.Photography Contest:-
a) Category “Junior” ( class 8-10)
b) Category “Senior” ( class 11-12)
c) Category "University"

3.Bio-Chemistry and Bio-Technology Olympiad:-
a) Category “Junior” ( class 8-10)
b) Category “Senior” ( class 11-12)

4.Geography Olympiad
a) Category “Junior” ( class 8-10)
b) Category “Senior” ( class 11-12).

5.Nature Olympiad
a) Category “Junior” ( class 8-10)
b) Category “Senior” ( class 11-12)

6.Wall Magazine
a) Category “Junior” ( class 8-10)
b) Category “Senior” ( class 11-12)

7.Eco Based Project Display
a) Category “Junior” ( class 8-10)
b) Category “Senior” ( class 11-12)

8.Extempore speech
a) Category “Junior” ( class 8-10)
b) Category “Senior” ( class 11-12)

Please Note :-
* Photography contest

This is online event and will be judged online.Then we will disclose the results later.
Photography Contest will be two days along.
Project display will held on our premises for two days.

Now the general details of event.
Here it goes
1.Turn the coat:
We give participants a platform to spotlight their rhetoric, public speaking skills, and logic in our turn the coat contest. We ensure you proper and justified topics and judging panel.
The rules for turn the coat is simple. Each participant would get 3 mins of time to propose the topic and speak in for and against of it .They will get three minutes for preparation time.No help from the internet can be taken for preparation.
Example of topic that might come in help:-
a) Gated communities. Participants have to speak for the topic and also against it within a 3min time frame.

2. Photography Contest:-
As we know, photography is a hobby and passion for many people.Photography is not only supported by the modern society but it also ensures a person career.So, we encourage people to gain confidence in their skills and create a platform for them.
The photography contest requires a reg fee of Tk.600 (per selected photo).There are two categories based on the medium of the photos taken through:-
The rules for submitting:
a)The participants will have to name their photos before sending it.
b)They have to mention their name, contact number, class, school name and category(DSLR/SLR or mobile) attached with the photo.
c)They can send a maximum of 5 photos for each category . They have to submit it with all required information to the email address: “mgbhsgecofcamera@gmail.com” , “mgbhsgecofmobile@gmail.com"
d) The theme is open for our talented photographers but one thing no form of plagiarism will be tolerated. Be careful with this plagiarism thing.
e)Send the photos to the given email address with the required information,but also fill out the online google.doc registration form.
Be sure to tick the "photography" box.
(N.B.→ last date for photo submission is 31 July 2018)

3.Bio-Chemistry and Bio-Technology Olympiad:-
It will be an Olympiad with questions coming from fields of biotechnology and biochemistry.There will be 30 questions which u have to answer within 30 minutes.No extra time will be given.There will be 2 categories (8-10 and 11-12).

4.Geography Olympiad:-
Know the in and outs of the world?Where’s what? Put up what ever you know about the Earth in this quiz.
So the Olympiad itself is a self-explanatory Olympiad. You will have 30 questions on geography with 30 mins of time restriction. (Categories: 8-10 and 11-12 .)
An example of question: Which country/countries is/are the closest to the Mediterranean Sea?

5.Nature Olympiad:-
Are you freak for nature?Do you long to impress us with your knowledge and acquaintance of mother nature?Then step right up,as this is the perfect opportunity for you,my fellow nature lover.
The questions of the Olympiad will be based on Nature and general knowledge on flora,fauna,natural locations such as mountains,water bodies,knowledge about mother earth etc.Participants have to answer 30 questions in 30 minutes.
What are plants called "shrubs"?

6.Wall magazine:-
Well,the title pretty much explains itself.It's a wall magazine competition.If you have a knack for making magnificent and artful wall magazines,make up a team of 2 people of same institution and sign up for this competition to win the place of the champion.
The theme of your wall magazine must be about nature.Each team can consist of a maximum of 2 members.
Example of theme: "Endangered Species"

7.Eco Based Project Display:-
Do you have an idea about an outstanding project about nature?Or maybe a plan to protect nature from modern day problems like pollution and population explosion?Then this is the place to express your ideas by making a creative and new project.
This is not a regular science fair project display.The theme of your project MUST be nature related.
Students from 8-10 & 11-12 can participate in this event.Each team can have a maximum of 3 members.
the registration process is totally free of cost.

8.Extempore Speech:-
Amaze the crowd and the judges with your reasoning and explanation!Blow them away with your solid speaking skills and your thunderous voice!Think you've got what it takes?
In this event,deliver a speech on a subject given to you sometimes prior to the competetion.Use your logic,reasoning,explanation and linguistic fluency to press a point.You will be judged by the judges based on your speech.You have to deliver the speech within 2 minutes.Note that in this event,interruptions are NOT allowed.

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