2 Days GMAT Workshop

21 Oct 16:00 - 19:00 21 Oct 16:00 - 19:00 - Dhaka Dhaka
EMK Center EMK Center
Our special instructor, Mr. Talha will be taking 2 Day GMAT Workshop at EMK Center. He will cover basics of analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in...   More info

Representative: University of Missouri- Kansas City (UMKC)

30 Oct 15:00 - 16:30 30 Oct 15:00 - 16:30 - Dhaka Dhaka
EMK Center EMK Center
Mary Parsons, Associate Director of International Student Affairs will be arriving in Dhaka & speaking with students about the facilites for students available at their university...   More info

Master Class with Labu Rahman

28 Jan 17:00 - 20:30 28 Jan 17:00 - 20:30 - Dhaka Dhaka
EMK Center EMK Center
We are coming up with another Master class session with Labu Rahman as we have been receiving several requests to keep up a continuation of the previous workshop. This time we...   More info

Opportunities for You: Season 2

16 Aug 13:00 - 16:00 16 Aug 13:00 - 16:00 - Dhaka Dhaka
EMK Center EMK Center
অন র স চল ক ল ন সময় ও স কল রশ প ন য় আম র ক ও জ র ম ন সহ প থ ব র ব ভ ন ন দ শ গ য় উচ চশ ক ষ অর জন র রয় ছ হ জ র স য গ প রত বছর আম র ক ন, জ র ম ন সরক র সহ আর ক ছ দ শ ও প রত ষ ঠ ন ব ল...   More info

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